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About Us 
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Mom and Pop Green organization
501(C)(3) Charitable Non-Profit

“It takes a village to raise a child”,

   The African proverb which is known all over the world, speaks to the shared support system of caring and teaching of a child. Each member of the village is important their roles vary from person to person but they are important just the  the same. Our village, our communiity also is in need of support. We see the needs to be a mentor to help guide women or men through everyday life and family struggles, and to be a helping hand for seniors or persons of disabilities.
   Every day we enrich the lives of disadvantage children, women and families such as single parent households and seniors by providing everyday necessities that are essential in building knowledge in life lessons, improving confidence, and self-esteem, physical and mental health and how to live and have a safer lifestyle and to maintain sustainability in their local neighborhoods.
The Mission
   Mom & Pop Green’s specific purpose is to serve as a conduit for donations of food, clothing, hygiene supplies, back to school supplies, holiday food give a ways and toy drives and other provisions to our target population of homeless shelters, transitional housing residents, women, children & families, seniors and disable veterans, church groups, schools and hospitals.
   Mom & Pop Green is a non-profit Organization that accepts monetary donations and donations of clothing, blankets, back to school supplies, hygiene supplies, toys and other small items. Mom & Pop Green organization proudly serves nationwide. Please donate today. Remember;

"It is hard to give away kindness
                     because it keeps coming back to you"
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