The story of Mom and Pop Green begins in the 1970’s, Cora and Douglas Green, husband and wife began as parent volunteers at local schools as chaperones, mentors and community activist in Oakland, CA. Douglas and Cora were committed to helping students and teachers and attended all functions either as the organizers or has the number one volunteers. Their daughter, Sharon began assisting them at an early age. From there they discovered that many of the children and their families needed help with clothing, blankets, food, school supplies, hygiene supplies, etc. Because of them believing in the “Village” and their desire to help families in need, Douglas and Cora knew they had to do something. So they turned to the Oakland Fire and Police departments and from there began a Partnership that continues today. Because of their love of the children in Oakland, Cora and Douglas Green were affectionately named Mom & Pop Green in the late 1970’s.
   In 1995 Douglas and Cora Green formalized their efforts and founded the non-profit, Mom & Pop Green Organization to facilitate their community service work. Such as organized food and toy drives to preparing food baskets from community donations for families during the holidays. With the help of donations, the Mom & Pop Green Organization has helped countless individuals and groups. From Children’s Hospital administrators who call on the organization when they encountered a family in need to homeless overflow shelters. Mom & Pop Green organization has responded to tragedies through the media or Fire department such as helping a family who lost personal belongings in a house fire.

Sharon Green Holder,
President and CEO.

 Mom & Pop Green’s legacy continues on through their daughter, Sharon Green Holder who serves as President and CEO of the board of Directors. Sharon is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of children and their families in the community and putting a smile on senior citizens’ faces in local communities and nationwide because someone came to visit them or brought them socks to wear when it’s cold outside.

   Our humble begining is Oakland California, but we  have not limited
 ourselves only to California, but we worked to give support and assistance
    to help individuals, communities and other organizations that help people.  
    Our Founders
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